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Santa Sleigh: 2014 Flyer Launched

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our 2014 Santa Sleigh flyer. The A5 cards are due to be distributed to houses on the seven routes we have planned.

2014 Flyer Image 1

The two images on the card were winners in our poster competition last Christmas. The one above is by Nicole Capalbo, then aged 11, and a student at the Mirus Academy; the other side has the winner in the younger age group, also of Mirus Academy, Callum Withers, then aged 8.

The Other Side!

The postcard can be folded to leave either image displayed. The cards contain full route details, and some information on the visits. You can view and/or download a copy here. We hope you like them!

St. John’s Christmas Fair


The St. John’s Christmas Fair is one of our longest standing Santa commitments, and we’ve been at the regular annual event for many years now. This year was no different, and we were once again on hand with Santa. Santa spent time chatting with children big and small and giving out gifts and posing for pictures.

This year the fair was held a week earlier, so it was no longer part of the Sparkle into Christmas town centre events which will take place next week. Whether this was the reason, we’re not sure, but attendances were lower than usual and this was sadly reflected in the reduced takings. The £36.50 we took will go to St. John’s as usual, and let’s hope the numbers go back to their more usual level next year.

We’d very much like to thank local councillors Shaun and Julie Fitzpatrick, who helped us out today, and, of course, everyone who came along and supported the event.

Santa Sleigh Route: Beechdale

In 2013 we were really pleased to be able to add an extra route to our schedule, taking in Beechdale. On the night we had a really fantastic welcome despite the worst weather we’d had on a sleigh night for a long time.

For our last trip of 2014 on Wednesday 17th December we’re visiting Beechdale again, and hoping the weather will be kinder to us!

We will be starting in Stephenson Avenue at 6:30pm. From here we travel towards Lister Road, from where we turn right into Harvey Road and then Edison Road. Back on Stephenson Avenue we then turn left into Simpson Road and left onto Arkwright Road, then back onto Edison Road to Davy Road where we turn right. From here we turn into Gurney Road and make our way back to Stephenson Avenue.

Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night.

We’re really looking forward to visiting you all, and hope you enjoy coming out to see Santa and his Rotary helpers!


Santa Sleigh Route: Lower Farm

On Tuesday 16 December Santa and his Rotary helpers are visiting Lower Farm. We start at 6:30pm in Stoney Lane (at the cul-de-sac end) going along there until we turn right into Sanstone Road and a little later right into Bamford Road. We then go into Buxton Road before turning left into Fishley Lane and right into Simmonds Road where we loop back onto Fishley Lane and into Fishley Close. We retrace our route back to Ashbourne Road, then Belper Road, Matlock Road and Castleton Road to finish around 8:45pm.

Lower Farm

Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night. We look forward to seeing you all!

Santa Sleigh Route: Turnberry

On Saturday 13th December Santa and his Rotary helpers are visiting Turnberry, where our travels begin at 4:30pm.

As usual, we begin on the One Man and His Dog carpark, and this year we’re working roughly clockwise around the estate.
We visit Sunningdale Way, Enville Close, and Saunton Road. Birkdale Road and Formby Way. Then we cross the main road into Selsdon Road and Walton Heath. We loop around Gleneagles Road, then Burslem Close and Astbury Close. Continuing westward we visit Saddleworth Road, Elgin Road, Wetherby Street, and Redbourn Road. Then our nest stop is Nairn Road, and finally on the left hand side of the main road we visit Ferndown Close. Our last two streets are on the other side of the main road – Alnwick Road and Ganton Street.


We finish back where we started at around 8:45pm. Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night.

Santa Sleigh Route: Dudley Fields

Our halfway mark for 2014, and our fourth outing will be around Dudley Fields on 12th December from 6:30pm.

Dudley Fields

We start in Sneyd Hall Road turning into Mulberry Road and going onto Ashley Road, Heather Road, Dartford Road and Croxdene Avenue before returning to Sneyd Hall Road where we turn right. We make our way to Chase Road then Coalway Road returning once again to Sneyd Hall Road, taking in the Croxdene Avenue loop before we finish our route.

Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night. We look forward to seeing you all!

Santa Sleigh Route: Pelsall


Our third route for 2014 is on Tuesday 9th December, starting in Millers Walk, Pelsall. We go up Millers Walk stopping to allow time for those in the side branches to see us. We continue on Woodcommon Grange in the same way. From here we turn left onto Wood Lane then right into Forge Road, then clockwise around Woodlands Crsecent before turning left into Oak Road, and left again into Trevor Road. We then do sa clockwise loop around Riddings Crescent before turning left back onto Trevor Road to finish on Wood Lane.

We’ll be starting this route at 6:30pm and will be out until around 8:45pm.

Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night.

Santa Sleigh Route: Mossley

Our second route for 2014 is on the Mossley, on Saturday 6th December. We start at 4:30pm and aim to finish by 8:30pm.
Our start point for this route is the car park by the railway station at Tintern Crescent.

We go left from the railway station car-park and travel into Cleeve Road and then Cleeve Way, before taking a left onto Pershore Road. We turn briefly right back onto Tintern Crescent before taking the first left to allow us to loop around Kirkstall Crescent. We turn right out of Kirkstall Crsecent back onto Tintern Crescent before turning left onto Tintern Way. Travelling on to Pershore Close we then turn left onto the main road, Cresswell Crescent. We continue on here to until we reach Waverley Road where we turn left. At the end of Waverley Road we turn right and continue along Tintern Crescent until we reach Margam Crescent, which we go around. We turn right once we get to the other end of Margam Crescent, then left onto Cresswell Crescent and then right into Roche Road. We detour off Roche Road to take in Roche Way, before turning right into Neath Road, then left to Netley Way. At the junction with Glastonbury Crescent we turn right, travelling towards Abbey Square where we turn right. Where the road forks we are only able to take in one side of the route, but will pause to allow time for visitors to cross the grassed area. We turn left onto Cresswell Crsecent at the end of Abbey Square, then take a left into Fountains Road. About half way along Fountains Road we turn right into Fountains Way, from where we turn left into Tewkesbury Road. A right turn takes us back onto Glastonbury Crsecent before we turn left onto Cresswell Crsecent again towards Evesham Crsecent, which we then loop along before ending back where we started over the road at the Railway Station.


Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver during our visit. We look forward to seeing you on the night!

Santa Sleigh Route: Blakenall

Our 2014 Santa Sleigh trips around Bloxwich begin on Friday 5th December in the Blakenall area. As usual we start in Abbotts Street at 6:30pm, going along there a little way until we reach Benton Crescent which we turn right into. We do a left turn onto Ryle Street before turning quickly right into Pine Street. At the end of Pine Street we turn left into Ingram Road before taking first right into Penderel Street. We travel up Penderel Street until we reach Booth Street, which we turn left into. We leave Booth Street with a left turn into Valley Road until we reach Ryle Street again, where we turn right. We travel a short way along Ryle Street until we reach Hollands Road where we turn left. At the end of Hollands Road we turn left back into Abbotts Street and continue along there until we reach Benton Crescent where our first route of the 2014 season ends around 8:45pm.


Don’t forget, you can request a letter from Santa which we’ll deliver on the night. We look forward to seeing you all!

2014 Santa Route Dates Announced

Santa Sleigh DatesIt may seem like Christmas is a long way off, but it’s now less than three weeks until the first of our Santa Sleigh nights for Bloxwich.
We start on Friday 5th December in Blakenall, and have seven routes in all:

  • Friday 5th December: Blakenall
  • Saturday 6th December: Mossley
  • Tuesday 9th December: Pelsall
  • Friday 12th December: Dudley Fields
  • Saturday 13th December: Turnberry
  • Tuesday 16th December: Lower Farm
  • Wednesday 17th December: Beechdale

Each route begins at 6:30pm (4:30pm on Saturday routes), and continues to around 8:45pm. ~
Letters can be requested for delivery on the routes via our Santa Letter page. These are, as always, completely free of charge.

We will be collecting for Rotary Foundation Charities on each evening, and if you can spare a donation it would be very much appreciated.
We’re also looking for helpers to help us on each evening, so of you’d like to volunteer, please contact us.

The full route details for each evening will be added to our website here, and our Facebook page over the next week.
From next weekend we will also be distributing our annual postcard which lists the routes and has last year’s winning competition artwork on each side.

Route Details

Letters From Santa

Writing to Santa

You can get a FREE personalised letter from Santa handed to you if you're on one of our Santa Sleigh routes. To request a letter click here.

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