Postcards for the first of our 2012 Santa Sleigh nights have now been delivered to households along the route. This visit will take place on December 7, starting at 6:30pm and going on to around 8:45pm.

The route is reversed from last year, so if we got to you late last year, we should be early this time! That way (we hope) it’s fair for everyone.

We will begin, as usual, at the Lichfield Road end of Abbotts Street, from where we will turn right into Benton Crescent.
We turn left into Ryle Street, then right into Pine Street, before turning left to Ingram Road and right to Penderel Street.

From Penderel Street we turn left into Booth Street, going along there until we turn left into Valley Road.

We take a right off Valley Road into Ryle Street, then left into Hollands Road, before turning left back onto Abbotts Street where we return to where we started to finish the route.

You’ll be able to track us online on the night here. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of time you might otherwise spend outside in the cold.

If you’ve requested a letter from Santa please let one of our collectors know as we pass and we’ll make sure we get your letter(s) to their intended recipients. If you haven’t, but would like to, we need to know who the letter is for, how old they are, and anything you want to tell us to help us personalise the letter, for example, what present(s) they’d like, names of pets, etc. You can request a letter here.

We look forward to meeting you on Friday 7th!