Our volunteers were out again on Saturday delivering postcards to homes on the Mossley advertising the Santa Sleigh which visits the area on December 8.

We start at 4:30pm from the car park by Bloxwich North Railway Station. We go along Tintern Crescent, turning right into Cleeve Road, continuing on to Cleeve Way and into Pershore Road.

We cross Tintern Crescent into Kirkstall Crescent, before turning right back onto Tintern Crescent again. A right turn takes us into Pershore Close. A left onto Cresswell Crescent takes us to where we turn left  into Waverley Road, then right into Tintern Crescent again.

We do a loop around Margam Crescent before turning left off Tintern and back onto Cresswell. Then we turn right into Roche Road, and loop around Roche Way before turning right into Nairn Road.

From Nairn Road we turn left into Netley Road then right onto Glastonbury Crescent. A right turn takes us onto Abbey Square then a left takes us back onto Cresswell.

We turn left onto Fountains Road then right into Fountains Way. A left onto Tewkesbury Road precedes a right back onto Glastonbury Crescent which we then follow back to Cresswell Crsecent where we turn left, before another left into Evesham Crescent.

From there we cross back over the road to where we started to complete our Mosslet visit for the evening back on the station car park.

You’ll be able to track us online on the night here. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of time you might otherwise spend outside in the cold.

If you’ve requested a letter from Santa please let one of our collectors know as we pass and we’ll make sure we get your letter(s) to their intended recipients. If you haven’t, but would like to, we need to know who the letter is for, how old they are, and anything you want to tell us to help us personalise the letter, for example, what present(s) they’d like, names of pets, etc. You can request a letter here.

We look forward to meeting you on Saturday 8th!