ITN Distribution in Nigeria

At one of our meetings each month our members are invited to give a small donation to a project at home or abroad where small amounts can make big differences. Our small change can change the world.

In recent weeks progress on Malaria prevention and treatment has been making the news. We in Rotary have been working in this area through many projects, many of which are providing Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) to provide protection to children and families from the mosquito which carries the disease. These projects are working, and there has been a reduction of over 50% in infection rates in Africa since the year 2000.

For October we have found a project based in Nigeria which is working to combat Malaria. The project is aiming to provide families with malaria prevention education, life-saving medicines and insecticide treated bednets to protect 20,000 children from malaria related deaths in rural Mashegu.

They say “In this region, malaria accounts for 30% of deaths for children under 5 (UNICEF/FGN 2004). PSJ estimates that about 70% of outpatient visits for children under 5 and 50% of hospital admissions are due to malaria in areas where we work. This project seeks to significantly reduce the high death rate resulting from malaria among children in rural Mashegu through community-wide malaria prevention education and distribution of ITNs to families with children under 5.”

Our ¬£30 donation is enough to provide a dozen bed nets, each of which can protect a child from Malaria for up to five years. If you’d like to add a donation to the project, you can do so here:
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