St. John’s Methodist Church is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2016, and as part of those ongoing celebrations held a Flower Festival on July 9. Various groups and individuals got involved to put together floral displays to celebrate the occasion.

The day itself, as well as giving the public a chance to come and enjoy the flowers, had a number of family friendly events including craft workshops and storytelling sessions. We were pleased to be able to put together one of the floral displays for the event.

A History of St. John's:

Methodists have been meeting regularly in Bloxwich since the late 18th century, possibly from 1781. A chapel existed in 1795, and there are records of a new one being built near what is now Park Road in 1832, with its predecessor remaining in use as a Sunday school until a school at the back of the 1832 chapel was enlarged sometime around the early 1850’s. This chapel was replaced in 1865 by a new one on the corner of High Street and what is now Victoria Avenue; built in a Gothic style with a south-west tower and turret, it was closed in 1963, combining with two other churches to be replaced in 1966 when St. John’s Methodist church was opened in Victoria Avenue; this is the building we see today, and the one in which visitors were greeted to today’s Flower Festival.

St. John's Today:

St. John’s is a welcoming christian church at the heart of the community. Many of the churches members are active in local affairs such as working alongside charities or serving as school governors and they are not just a collection of like minded individuals meeting on Sundays, but rather a real part of the wider community. Further afield, a twinning arrangement with a Church on the Shara Peninsular in Rwanda exists, for which £15,000 has been raised, helping to rebuild their Church. Members of St. Johns have recently returned from a successful visit to Rwanda, where relationships have yet again been renewed.