2016 F1 Season Final Results

2016 F1 Season Final Results

Rosberg Takes The Title

Rosberg took second place in the final race of the season, at Abu Dhabi, to secure the 2016 F1 Drivers’ Championship.

Hamilton took the victory, and made some efforts to back the field and perhaps allow other drivers to challenge his teammate, but it wasn’t to be, and he finishes the year in second place. He will look back on some mechanical failures, but maybe also on some poor races where pole position wasn’t converted as it should have been.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us we can perhaps look forward to a more competitive season when new rule changes come into force for 2017!

More Information:

A full race report is available on the BBC website here.

For more things Formula 1 related, there is also the official F1 website here.


Our Winner ...

Our competition winner for 2016 is F1 Flyers – who had the lead from around midway, and never looked serious challenged.

Congratulations to him, and thanks to everyone else who took part, especially those who took the time to update entries each race and make it all so interesting.

We hope to be back in 2017.

Rotary Foundation:

Your kind entries to this year’s competition will help us towards our target fundraising for Rotary’s own charity, the Rotary Foundation.

There are 40 entries to this year’s competition, giving £50 to the winner, and £50 to Rotary Foundation.

F1 Title 2016

TWMoveLWTeam NameWeekTotal
11F1 Flyers4186
22Reliant Robins6192
33Betcha Ash!6204
4=5Blue Berrey's6210
610=SG Racing2214
7=10=Firm Foundation4216
7=6=Maddie's Marauders6216
9=6=Boy Racer8218
11=12=Ash's Randoms6220
11=12=Pretty In Pink6220
11=6=Troy's Taxis10220
15=14=BHF Racing8224
15=14=Random F18224
15=16=RH Allstars 26224
15=16=Jumpin Jack Josh6224
19=23Maidstone Minxes2226
19=19=Spin-Off GP6226
19=21=Loony 14226
22=19=Chloe's Cars8228
22=21=Ash's Qualifiers6228
24=24=RH Allstars 18234
24=24=Zach's Zoomers8234
26=26Luke's Leaders10240
26=28Andy's Last Guess4240
2827Little Acorns8242
29=29=Loony 24246
29=29=Lisa's Laggards4246
3129=Steven Imre-Lowe8250
3232The Birds10268
3434Patrick McCarthy10288
3535=LRO Ash Allstars6296
36=37WMCCT 20164302
36=35=The Reversabeticals12302
3838Forza Ferrari12322
3939The Alphabeticals30586
4040Worst Team Ever!30606

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