After around a month of football the World Cup drew to a close with France beating Croatia by 4-2 to win the tournament, and take the title for the second time.

The winner of our competition was Gabriel, who’d led for much of the knockout stages – our congratulations and the prize of £41 go to him, with the other £41 going to our Rotary Foundation charity. Thank you to everyone for the support you’ve given throughout, and we’ll hopefully have some other competitions soon.

Unusually, we had four entries which accumulated negative scores over the competition, and the grand wooden spoon goes to Michael Fisher, though in his defence this was a random entry (as was our winner!).

Take a look below the league table for some additional statistics.

WC 6

22Karl Bird-4.860.8
33Lend With Care 04-4.858.8
44Troy 'B Team'-3.652.8
57Gabrielle Fisher-2.044.2
612Foundation 020.044.0
79 =Lend With Care 08-2.042.8
86Foundation 03-6.441.6
914Shaun's Second0.041.2
1013Lend With Care 02-2.041.0
118Steve Antill 'B'-4.840.6
125Helen the Second-8.840.2
1321 =Shaun's Seventh2.040.0
1411Sonia's Third-4.839.6
1523Chloe 'A'0.037.0
1629 =Patrick McCarthy2.436.2
1721 =Helen the First-2.036.0
1816Luke Burton-4.834.6
19 =17 =Steve J's Third-4.834.4
19 =17 =Mark Dawson-4.834.4
2115Andy's First-6.034.2
229 =Mops 'B'-10.834.0
2329 =Madeleine Fisher0.033.8
2628Shaun's First-2.032.0
28 =33 =Juliet0.031.4
28 =20Simon-6.831.4
30 =19Lend With Care 06-7.231.2
30 =32Michael Fisher-1.631.2
30 =25Cousin Ginger-4.831.2
3345 =Doris Fisher2.030.4
34 =47 =Shaun's Sixth2.029.2
34 =31Bumble Petrol Fund-4.029.2
3633 =Mops 'A'-2.429.0
3737M Dawson (Mrs)-2.428.4
3827Troy 'A Team'-7.227.4
3935 =Little Ash-4.027.2
4138Shaun's Third-4.026.6
4239Troy D-4.026.2
4345 =Bev-2.426.0
44 =40Troy M-4.025.8
44 =51Sarah Rrapaj2.025.8
4635 =Steve H-6.025.2
47 =49Steve J's Second-0.425.0
47 =50Nadeel0.025.0
4944Luke Fisher-4.024.6
5147 =Andy's Second-4.822.4
5254Shaun's Eighth0.021.0
5355Shaun's Ninth0.020.8
5453Ash The Bear-2.020.4
5556Steve Antill 'A'-2.418.2
5752Andy's Fourth-6.416.8
5867Sonia's First2.415.8
5958 =Zach-4.015.0
6063 =Lend With Care 07-2.014.8
6157Lend With Care 03-4.814.6
6258 =Hilary-4.814.2
6366Philip Taylor0.013.6
6463 =Shaun's Fourth-4.012.8
6568Steve J's First0.012.6
6665Stuart Fisher-4.011.8
6769 =Shaun's Tenth0.011.6
6871Sonia's Second0.011.4
6962Foundation 04-6.011.2
7061Chloe 'B'-6.810.6
7274Lend With Care 050.08.8
7375Lend With Care 010.08.2
7473Sue Shields-2.07.0
75 =77Andy's Fifth0.05.6
75 =69 =Robbie-6.05.6
7778Lend With Care 090.03.0
7876Lend With Care 10-4.02.6
7980Andy's Third0.0-3.4
8081 =Foundation 010.0-4.0
8179Shaun's Fifth-4.0-6.2
8281 =Michael Fisher (2)-2.4-6.4

Our 82 entries mean that we have raised £41 for the Rotary Foundation, with the other £41.00 being paid out as the winner’s prize. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported the competition, and we do hope you enjoy keeping up to date with it as it progresses, and comparing your positions with friends and family.

So how about some statistics? Our winner accumulated 73.4 points. Could that have been bettered? Well …

For the first seeds the best two choices were Brazil and Belgium. In that order that would have scored -3.2 points. From the second seeds a choice of Croatia (12) and either of Uruguay or England (8) would have been best. Then for third seeds Sweden (16.8) and Senegal (8) with Japan (28.8) and either of South Korea or Nigeria (12) – that would have given a grand score of 82.4 – so it would have been possible to beat the winner.

Could you have come bottom?

The worst combination would have been Argentina (-25.2), Poland (-13), Mexico (-7.2), Peru or Switzerland (0), Egypt (0), Iceland (1), and any two of Australia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Serbia or Panama for a total of 17.6 – giving a total possible low score of -26.2 – much worse than our last place entry.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the competition, and once again would like to thank you all for your support.