Having been forced to cancel our last collection two week’s ago because of the snow, we decided to stick to the Town Centre area again today. Despite the mixed and cold weather our volunteers managed to collect another 18 bags of rubbish, which as always was promptly collected by Walsall Council’s Clean & Green service.

Our planned fortnightly litter collection had to be cancelled two week’s ago because of the snow and ice, and we had some worries that today’s collection might go the same way. Fortunately the snow mostly kept away, and despite the cold we were able to get some volunteers together to help tidy the town. This week we had volunteer help from Martin and his son Cameron, Maurice, and Julie. They joined Steve, Sonia, Shaun, Troy, Zach and Jake to collect another 18 bags full of litter from around the town.


With snow falling overnight on Saturday, we were fortunate to be able to get out, and everyone involved did a great job on what was a pretty cold morning. It means that after three collections we’ve managed a total clearance of almost 60 bags of rubbish which would otherwise be spoiling the streets, parks and gardens of our town.


If you’d like to offer up some time and come along and help us, new volunteers are always welcome, please contact us. Whilst coming along and picking up litter is one obvious way to help, there are other things you can do.

  • Share our social media posts (the more people who see what we’re doing, hopefully the more helpers we’ll get).
  • Let us know of areas you think need to be cleared. We can’t promise, but if we know somewhere is in need of tidying we’ll do our best to schedule a visit.
  • If you’re a local business, and would like to support us, we could always use some more equipment. We’ve a small number of litter pickers and bag holders, but we could use more, and they do wear out.