As well as our community and fundraising events our members enjoy a pretty active social calendar too. Two of our members hosted a basket meal evening where we were able to enjoy scampi, chicken or sausage with chips served in baskets. With drinks and plenty of chat alongside it was a great evening for all.

Basket meals became something of an obsession in pub food during from the late 1960’s through the 1970’s, and two of our members decided it would be fun to bring those heady days of nostalgia back for a social evening for members which they hosted.

We were given a choice of chicken, scampi or sausage, served with chips in a basket. The food was great, and it raised some general chit-chat about the origin of the basket as a serving choice! A range of music was playing in the background, with lyrics alongside on the TV, something at least some of didn’t know you could do with Amazon Prime (including the author of this article!).

With everyone well fed and enjoying their choice of drinks, a pleasant evening ensued with many of the world’s ills put to theoretical rights before the end of the night.

Our thanks to Lisa & Troy for hosting.

fried chicken pieces in a basket

According to Wikipedia, chicken in a basket┬ábecame so ubiquitous in the 1970’s that UK venues offering evening entertainment and serving it became known to musicians and entertainers as the “chicken-in-a-basket circuit”!