We’re often asked why we do some of the things we do, particularly litter-picking, but, as many of our members will testify, it’s quite habit-forming! For Shaun & Julie the urge to wait for our next litter pick proved a little too much, so they did a bit of extra work in the town centre!

With us having concentrated on the local parks in recent weeks, Shaun and Julie decided the town centre needed a bit of attention, so took to the town centre to carry out some work after our regular weekly meeting. They started with litter, collecting another few bags of litter from the streets to add to our growing total for the year so far.

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Not content with that, they then turned their attention to the town centre planters. Our Rotary Club recently agreed to take on the stewardship of these following the unfortunate dissolution of the Bloxwich Business Partnership. We’re pleased to be able to continue the work they started; the first step began with the clearing of last years remains from the first four of the planters, with the aim to complete the remainder next week. As you can see, they look a lot tidier now!

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