After starting the clear-up of the King George V Playing fields on March 31, we were back to complete the task. Our 14 volunteers did a fantastic job, and we collected an amazing 22 bags of litter leaving the park in a great litter-free state. Let’s hope it stays that way now for a while!

The weather was a big improvement over our visit here two weeks ago, and there was even some much missed sunshine. The ground was considerably drier too, which helps a lot when we’re collecting other people’s rubbish. With the nice weather there were lots of other park users present today, and many took time to speak with some of our 14 volunteers today, asking who we were and what we were doing, and generally congratulating us on a job well done. And a job well done it was too, with another 22 bags of rubbish collected – that’s 54 for this park over two collections. Both impressive and frankly scary.


Both on the day and on social media after the event we’ve had comments about who it is that’s responsible for the litter, from the footballers, to kids, to vagrants. The reality we see when we litter pick is that it crosses boundaries. We pick up lots of empty soft drink and energy drink bottles, which could be particularly from the former, to ready meals and alcohol containers which could be from the latter. But we also ‘find’ things like used nappies, and dog-poo bags with contents often strewn into trees. This latter is common, and clearly not likely to be any of those groups. All we can do is stress to everyone how much it helps if you bin your litter (in one of the many available bins) or take it home and bin it there. Hopefully as we do more clean ups people will feel less inclined to litter. We hope so.


By the end of our time on the park today we’d cleared litter from all the places we’d not managed to get to on our last visit, and we’d managed to go around those previously covered areas too, so we think we’ve left the park looking the cleanest it has been for some time. Enjoy it, and help us to keep it that way if you can!


If you’d like to offer up some time and come along and help us, new volunteers are always welcome, please contact us. Whilst coming along and picking up litter is one obvious way to help, there are other things you can do.

  • Share our social media posts (the more people who see what we’re doing, hopefully the more helpers we’ll get).
  • Let us know of areas you think need to be cleared. We can’t promise, but if we know somewhere is in need of tidying we’ll do our best to schedule a visit.
  • If you’re a local business, and would like to support us, we could always use some more equipment. We’ve a small number of litter pickers and bag holders, but we could use more, and they do wear out.

We’re currently looking at obtaining some funding for further equipment and will hopefully be able to get anyone interested kitted up and ready to go at a time to suit. Just get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you join in or get started on your own.