Our club  has recently agreed to take on the management of the planters attached to the town centre railings. There are twenty of these in total, situated around the cenotaph and nearby, and also along the High Street by the banks, the wonderful Bloxwich Hardware and the pedestrian crossing. The first job – tidy them up!

After the litter picking efforts earlier in the day a few of took advantage of the warn and sunny weather to clean up the town centre planters. We very recently agreed to take on the management of the 20 planters attached to roadside railings (which are situated around the cenotaph and along the High Street) following the dissolution of the Bloxwich Business Partnership which had originally installed them some years ago. The larger pavement planters are being moved to Goscote Greenacres, as they have proven to be a bit hit and miss and a serious target for litter and detritus; they will hopefully prosper in their new home. Meanwhile the remaining 20 planters needed a serious tidy up, with last year’s annual flower remains and a fair amount of disposed cigarette ends and other litter. 


So armed with some hand garden tools which were kindly donated by one of our members we took to the street to clear up the litter, dead plants and weeds and leave the planters ready for new planting in a few weeks time. We also took time to do a little bit of a tidy up around the cenotaph.


We would very much like to get other groups, businesses and individuals involved in the planting and maintenance of the planters. Together we can make them look magnificent, and a real town centre feature. If you’d like to help out, or you know of anyone who could, do get in touch. Help can be hands-on, financial, through the donation of excess plants or seeds/bulbs, you name it, we’d appreciate it!