Each year Rotary has a series of training events to bring us all up to date with the latest news and programmes. This begins in January when the incoming District Governor attends the International Assembly, and progresses through to the District Assembly, when we as Rotary Club members are invited to attend and learn things.

This year’s District Assembly was once again at the Abraham Darby Academy in Telford. With the timing clashing with our normal club meeting we’d decided to invite members to attend the Assembly instead of our usual meeting, and we managed to get nine attendees, which is a great turnout.

The morning began with the plenary session, during which the incoming District Team was introduced, and incoming Governor Ashley Gray outlined his plans and programme for 2018-19. One of Rotary’s programmes was particularly highlighted when the visiting Exchange team from Bangalore were introduced.

The format of the Assembly was a little different this year, and featured a number of sessions which those attending could select from. This was a good idea, but our general feeling was this was perhaps not quite as successful as it could have been. We had great feedback for some of the sessions though, and the principle was good, and will hopefully be improved upon in the future.

We managed between us to attend sessions on Health Awareness (very positive, and it looks like we’ll be holding one, having not done so for several years), RotaKids and Interact (also very positive), Polio (great feedback here too) and many more. Feedback was a little more muted elsewhere, but overall we had a good morning, and we even managed to fit in a post-Assembly debrief and a bite of lunch at a nearby pub.

We wish the District Team for 2018-19 all the best for their coming year, and we’re hoping to our bit to ensure it’s a success.