The annual Eurovision Song Contest is something of a fixture for us, and we’ve had a get together for it every year since the club was formed. This year was no different, and we cheered, jeered and as usual got our hopes up for the UK only to have them dashed as the voting began!

It’s something of an annual fixture for our club for some of our members to come together and watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Helen & Steve were hosting, and the evening began with a chicken and oregano traybake to ensure we were all fully fed and ready for the marathon evening ahead. With 26 finalists and then the voting, it had the potential to be a long evening.


Our entry was interrupted by a protester grabbing SuRie’s microphone, a moment that must have been quite terrifying, and we think she did brilliantly to continue so strongly to end the performance. Sadly, that wasn’t reflected in the voting, and we ended up finishing poorly again.

Overall though, the competition was a strong one, with a good range of songs, styles and performances, and the voting which followed was a bit of a roller-coaster. However, as the last few votes from the public tele-voting were announced it became clear that the winner was Israel, which given how many lucky cats were employed in the performance, was fitting! So, it will be from Tel Aviv next year, and who knows, maybe we can do better there.

Whatever the result, we had a great evening, and I’m sure we’ll be back for 2019.