Our regular litter collection continued with a visit to Dudley Fields. For once, it was a lovely sunny morning for our collectors! We concentrated on the central area by the shops and car parking, and between us added another 19 bags to our ongoing total collected, with an assortment of other items of junk alongside.

We’d been told that our help would be valuable around Dudley Fields, so that was where we went for this week’s litter collection. Joined by both regular volunteers, Martin and Cameron, and a new volunteer Gemma together with her two willing sons, we set out to clear up the area around the shops at the bottom of Sneyd Hall Road.

With the central grass area having been cut recently, some of the litter was harder to find than usual, and quite a bit had been cut and shredded by the mowers. This can leave very sharp edges on torn drinks cans, and is one of the very many reasons why it really would be better if those drinking from them could bin them when they’ve finished rather than dropping it for us to collect.


It was a lovely sunny day though, and it’s certainly more fun collecting litter when it’s not wet and cold! Our great team managed to collect 19 bags of litter and some assorted junk which means we’re leaving the area much cleaner than it was when we arrived. We’re going to visit again shortly to cover the area of the estate west of here, by Busill Jones school.


If you know of somewhere which needs a good clean up do please contact us and we’ll see what we can do; we’re especially keen on helping other individuals and groups to join in. We’re hoping to increase the amount of equipment we have and therefore how many people we can kit up too, and we’re always happy to help others join the increasing local efforts to tidy our communities.


If you’d like to offer up some time and come along and help us, new volunteers are always welcome, please contact us. Whilst coming along and picking up litter is one obvious way to help, there are other things you can do.

  • Share our social media posts (the more people who see what we’re doing, hopefully the more helpers we’ll get).
  • Let us know of areas you think need to be cleared. We can’t promise, but if we know somewhere is in need of tidying we’ll do our best to schedule a visit.
  • If you’re a local business, and would like to support us, we could always use some more equipment. We’ve a small number of litter pickers and bag holders, but we could use more, and they do wear out.

We’re currently looking at obtaining some funding for further equipment and will hopefully be able to get anyone interested kitted up and ready to go at a time to suit. Just get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you join in or get started on your own.