Members Lisa & Troy threw open their doors to host us all for a Royal Wedding party to celebrate the marriage Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with the option for those who wanted to stop on and catch the FA Cup Final later in the day. The hosting extended to some great food offerings too!

We were kindly hosted by members Lisa & Troy for a special get together to watch the Royal Wedding and enjoy some great food and fellowship as we did so. Lisa put on a spread fit for the Royal party itself, beginning with breakfast for those of us at the meeting which took place beforehand, and continuing throughout the day with a splendid buffet selection.


As well as watching the proceedings on the big TV screen, we also had the chance to look at a great selection of Royal Wedding memorabilia from the past, with booklets, pictures and souvenirs covering well over 100 years of royal happenings. That and the surfeit of union flags meant the whole scene was set for some nice patriotic fever as the wedding took place.


Our day continued into the afternoon and through to the FA Cup final, a rather dull affair which was won by Chelsea, after scoring a penalty against Manchester United during the first half. The wedding was much more entertaining! Big thanks to Lisa & Troy for hosting another great event.