Each year there are a number of District Sports competitions, and we generally try to participate however good or bad we may be. In the case of Crown Green Bowling we’re not the best! But would we be able to rise to the occasion and beat Wednesfield? Read on and find out if we did…

With three of our members out on the Grand Tour, we’d called upon friends of the club to help out with getting a team together for this, the second round of this year’s District Crown Green Bowling competition. We’d made it through the first round with a tricky bye, and now we were facing Wednesfield Rotary Club, who were hosting us this evening.

The match was played with three games each with two pairs playing. Our pairs were Helen & Andy, Sonia & Stefan and Richard & Steve. Despite some close calls all three of our pairs unfortunately lost, so our progress in the competition came to an end.

There was plenty of time to join in some food and chat afterwards though, with a tasty buffet on offer, and the Grand Tour team made it back in time to see the last of the play and join in too.

Our congratulations go to the victors, and we wish them well in the next round. Meanwhile, maybe we will try to practice before next year!