We were pleased to be able to host a Health Awareness Day this year, our first for some time. It offered free health checks, testing BMI, blood pressure and blood sugar, with relevant advice provided, and follow up via your local GP if needed. Our District Governor Carol and her team of helpers were fantastic!

Health Awareness Days are a project which grew from the earlier Stroke Awareness Days which began in the early 2000’s. Our District Governor Carol was one of the pioneers of the format, and remains a major supporter and organiser of the events. It was while discussing the event with her at the recent District Assembly that ojur incoming Community Project officer Shaun volunteered that we could find a venue for today – and he did too.

The Bloxwich All Active Centre was a great place for us to be, and Carol and her team of medical helpers were able to cover tests for around 25 people – a number we hope will increase with more publicity when we hopefully run the event in 2019.


Regular health checks are a great way to keep an eye on some of the underlying measures which can indicate a problem with your health; whilst none of us like to find out we may have a need for intervention, this is always better than finding out after a major life changing event that we had an underlying issue.