With our Health Awareness Day taking place inside the Bloxwich All Active centre today, we decided to target the local area around the centre for litter this week. A somewhat extended collection with 10 volunteers added a further 25 bags to our tally for the year, taking us over 200 for the year to date.

Our Health Awareness Day was taking place at the Bloxwich All Active centre so we decided to concentrate our litter collection on the areas around the centre today. We covered the grounds of the centre, some of Leamore Park (which wasn’t so bad, following our collection there recently), and some of the surrounding streets.


When our normal time was up, several of us decided to stay on and tackle the nearby Health Centre around Bruton Pharmacy. This needed some work, with lots of litter which had clearly been there for some time. With that additional work our total for the day was another 25 bags, taking our annual total to 209 so far.


If you know of somewhere which needs a good clean up do please contact us and we’ll see what we can do; we’re especially keen on helping other individuals and groups to join in. We’re hoping to increase the amount of equipment we have and therefore how many people we can kit up too, and we’re always happy to help others join the increasing local efforts to tidy our communities.


If you’d like to offer up some time and come along and help us, new volunteers are always welcome, please contact us. Whilst coming along and picking up litter is one obvious way to help, there are other things you can do.

  • Share our social media posts (the more people who see what we’re doing, hopefully the more helpers we’ll get).
  • Let us know of areas you think need to be cleared. We can’t promise, but if we know somewhere is in need of tidying we’ll do our best to schedule a visit.
  • If you’re a local business, and would like to support us, we could always use some more equipment. We’ve a small number of litter pickers and bag holders, but we could use more, and they do wear out.

We’re currently looking at obtaining some funding for further equipment and will hopefully be able to get anyone interested kitted up and ready to go at a time to suit. Just get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you join in or get started on your own.