We’d originally arranged a walk for the afternoon, with a barbecue to follow, but decided to stay and watch England play Panama instead of walking. We were rewarded with a great 6-1 win, and weather to match! The food was really good too, and a good afternoon of food and fellowship was had by all.

When we’d put this date into our social calendar we’d not noted the World Cup fixtures, so the walk we’d planned from Walsall to Willenhall was hastily deferred so those who wanted to could watch the England vs Panama game, while those who didn’t could enjoy the warm weather before joining together for the barbecue which would originally have followed the walk. 


England started the day perfectly for us with their 6-1 victory over Panama, which put everyone in the mood for chat and food. Helen expertly manned the barbecue with chicken, kebabs, pork, sausages and burgers along with some salads, rolls and sauces. And to follow there were some cakes including some special cup cakes, and Chloe’s special Nutella sponge. It’s great when we get the chance to have a bit of downtime and today was a well attended chance for us all to relax and generally enjoy each others company. Thanks to everyone who attended.