Our 2017-18 District Governor Carol Reilly handed over the jewels of office to 2018-19 Governor Ashley Gray on June 29, at a handover dinner held at the Bescot Stadium, home to Walsall FC. With both Rotarians members of the Walsall Saddlers Rotary it was fittingly local venue for this important event in the District calendar.

Another name was added to the list of those Rotarians who have led our District since it was formed from District 106 in the early 1970’s. The newest name is of course Ashley Gray, who took over from Carol Reilly at the handover dinner on June 29.

The evening saw just over 60 Rotarians and friends assemble to welcome in the new Governor and thank the old one. The evening began with grace, given by the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Malcolm Hallewell. The meal was well received, and service was good too.

After the food 2017-18 Governor Carol first thanked everyone for their support during the year before introducing Ashley and formally handing over the role. Ashley, who was supported by members of his extended family, introduced the new District Team, and spoke of his hopes and targets for the year. We wish him and the team well for their year, and thank those involved in the evening where it formally started!