Mossley Saturday December 7, 2019


We do not knock all doors on our journey – this is very much dependent upon the number of volunteers we have on the night, so please do come out if you wish to see Santa.

Donations received on the night will be split between Acorns Hospice, St. Giles Hospice and the Rotary Foundation. All the money donated goes to these three charities.

We will start at 4:30pm and expect to be travelling for around 4 hours.

We begin on Roche Road by Mattesley Court and proceed in a roughly clockwise route around the estate:

  • Left into Roche Way, loop around and back to Roche Road
  • Right into Neath Road
  • Left onto Netley Road
  • Right onto Glastonbury Crescent
  • Left into Abbey Square (left hand fork)
  • Left onto Cresswell Crescent
  • Left into Fountains Road
  • Right into Fountains Way
  • Left onto Tewkesbury Road
  • Right onto Glastonbury Crescent
  • Left onto Cresswell Crescent
  • Left into Evesham Crescent & loop
  • Left onto Cresswell Crescent
  • Right into Tintern Crescent
  • Right into Cleeve Road
  • Bear left into Cleeve Way
  • Left onto Pershore Road
  • Right onto Tintern Crescent
  • Left into Kirkstall Crescent
  • Right onto Tintern Crescent
  • Left into Tintern Way
  • Continue into Pershore Close
  • Left onto Pershore Road
  • Left onto Cresswell Crescent
  • Left into Waverley Road
  • Right onto Tintern Crescent
  • Right into Margam Crescent
  • Right into Margam Terrace, to end

Photography & Safety

We welcome you taking pictures with Santa (feel free to share on social media too). However please note that children should not climb into the sleigh.

Please follow the instructions from our marshals at all times, so we can ensure everyone can see Santa and stay safe.

Santa will stop only where it is safe to do so.

Letters from Santa

If you’re on this route, Santa & his helpers can bring a letter from Santa to your child to be collected on the night.

Please request a letter for this route (Mossley) here.

Letters can be requested for other routes here.

Tracking Santa Online

On the evening of each route, you can track Santa’s location in real-time online here, so there’s no need to stand outside in the cold weather for too long!


Santa is brought to you by a team of volunteers, and we always welcome any extra help we can get. If you can spare an evening or two to help us provide this service to Bloxwich please contact us.