Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions we are unlikely to be able to offer hand delivered letters this year, so instead we are sending them as attachments to email. The letter will be in PDF format which is viewable on most devices and can be printed locally. This does mean that this year we are able to welcome requests from anywhere.

Letter requests can be made using the form on this page; please help us by submitting a separate request for each letter you require. When you submit your request you should see a visual confirmation and shortly after an email with a copy of your responses.

We will begin distributing letters in early December; letters will be produced on a first come first served basis.

Letters are sent free of charge, but if you would like to make a donation to one of local charities it would be very much appreciated.

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We need your contact information to confirm the letter request, and to contact you if we have any further questions.
Your name, in case we need to contact you about your request.
We will address our email containing the letter from Santa to you, unless you advise otherwise later in the process.
We need your email to confirm your request and to contact you if we have any queries.
We will send the letter from Santa to this email address unless you specify otherwise later in the process.